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its indian time !

First i want to  say  THANX to everyone who checked my blog and leave comments for me.It really made me so happy ^^ and here i am with an another silly title ,sorry about it ! anyway;
its was really nice weather today and before going out i thought why not taking some pics for my blog.And ı am truly sorry for some pics. are not in a good quality : ( (
I will get a new good camera soon,its in one of my 'will get this year ' list . And one thing about me i like making lists even they are simple stuff or dreams ... Got a notebook for it,notebook isnt looking awesome at all ,but awesome one is in it, what ı wrote in there :p
oh and also please ignore my weird poses : D ı really like this outfit,especially top ! one of my fav. one,actually i prefer it wearing with another shoes mostly but well it was like this at that time ..and as u can see ı am not a tall girl so maybe its been more good wearing them with heels ^^) here are pics. ...

my notebook which always carry with me
funny arrogant pose of me : D 


hope u enjoy with my post,let me know ^^ and u can always can ask question ..



love the boots!

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I really like your outfit :)


awww thank you so much for comments ^^

Annabelle Fleur

Wow, I love your blouse and boots! Great look! Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)



Love this shoes !
Kisses !!


Ece ozder

waoow good notebook thank you notebook alacağım cok güzel