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Tic tac goes the clock

Wow its my first post.And if ı lucky to get someone read this wonder if they will be curious about my silly title..
I wrote it cause ı want to create and start posting ! a blog like this for years o.o and always find myself another works and realized time goes and still didnt created this one thng ı really want till now.. so hehe : p
anyway i feel kinda blue cause  of beautiful rainy weather ,drinking coffee and reading all day .thats why choose blue colors as nail polish and created lace based outfit..
hoepfully u will like it (and hoping ı am not talking to myself,well writing to myself ) so please leave comments and ask anything ,give me courage to contunie ,have a nice day ! ^^

and clothes

and strange wiev from window


Lissa Mattos

Hello beautiful thanks for visiting me, I'm sorry dear but by the English in written to you and other visitors can understand see him?
Your blog is very cool liked the pictures, success;)



Schöne Klamotten!


Thank you Lissa for ur kind words ^^
and Dankeschön Nicolka
it made me really happy to read comments !


Hey sweetie ! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog !

And keep posting ! Blogging is a hard job and be patience! You have 3 comments on your blog already ! And a new follower !

Following you at bloglovin and google!


Xoxo from Japan


awww thank u so much !! made me really happy *dances*
I will try my best hehe ^^

Janny Bélair

so cute! love your blog xoxo