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After exam weeks

I didnt post anything for a long time.I was so busy with exams... Two weeks! two sleepless week..I runned a lot,worried a lot,mostly lived in library haha tho. coffees at library is the best! I love coffee. Anyway after ı get out from my last exam,ı cleaned my room,especially my work table! It was terrible..haha then regret ı didnt take a pic. of it ..will take pic. of it after my final exams ! cause it looks like a living scary creature lo lAnd now will post clean pics. of my work table and another outfit! I bought those lovely boots recently,love them! 
hope u will enjoy with this post.ask questions if u want and if u have any requests please write them too
dont forget to leave me comments please ^^

love flowers !

 i couldnt stop myself taking lots of pics. of work table,main reasons are:its so clean now lol and flowers :p

lovely boots

and outfit with silly poses 

have a nice,happy weekend everyone ^^



Haha, I've read your note ! Haha love this clean table. And btw - GREAT SHOES ! ;O
Following you ! Follow too ? ; )
Kisses from:



yeah i love clean one too :D
thank u! following u dear :)

M a r i a

Hej :) First, i can't speak very good English. :P
Thanks, that you follow me. Like you blog too! <3
Like your Design, great! :)

xoxo, maria originals <3

Fashion Cappuccino

Having flowers next to your table is always so refreshing! xoxoxo


omg your style is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! *o*
<3 :)

Anna C

nice photos of your desk. I love the bootS!



I love this outfit! It is so edgy!
lovely blog!



Süper kombin !! Botlarına ve çantana bayıldım :D


beğendiğine sevindim ^^