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Goodbye holiday

..and welcome final exams weeks !!! Today i started studying more seriously cause next week my exams offically starts :( ! I cant post anything for awhile ... Oh but as i promised before i will def. took pic. of my desk haha i told how it starts turning into a crazy living creature at exam weeks,scary : D
anyway here some pics. .I recently started knitting sweater for myself hopefully i will finish it soon and put its pics too...
Oh any of u have pets? I have really silly cute hamster ^^ He makes lots of noises that sometimes i wanna cry : D
This month was so crazy busy for me ,i studied a lot,did lots of works,organized a concert at uni. for buying toys to children with that money,it was so great to see happiness on their little faces ^^ but then i feel so tired and all..and without any holiday now my exams started,ı hope i will survive
I really,seriously dont want to finish this post cause then have to go back studying haha 
i wish everyone good luck on their exams !!! 

 Before studying having some coffee and sweets
 i will miss u my cute little tree and happy ,unworried times
 and hellooo ,my little silly hamster,always energetic always hunry



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Lovely pictures, your hamster is adorable! And I wish I could knit!

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Irene Buffa

lovely blog:)




Hahahaha!I'm in love with your hamster!!!Is sooo soooo cute!!Happy new year dear :*:*:*

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Good luck on your exams...

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