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Yeah, i am shocked as well for writing another empties post since i used to hate writing them. Oh well, let's get started. :)

This is the first product i've purchased from the brand Toni&Guy . I was blown away after using it for the first time. I am just spraying it to my wet hair just after shower and letting it dry by itself. And love how my naturel curls more pretty and have more defination plus spray holds them all day long . Till they invent some spray to change hair color perfectly and you can wash it off later, this product will be my holy grail, all time favorite hair product. lol


Loreal primer. I am glad i havent spend so much money on another primer like benefit etc. This is amazing! Since its summer i started to use this alone on my skin makeup and got great results. Some people even asked what skincare product i am using lol Its all thanx to this little jar of miracle. A definete repurchase i would say.

Maybelline master precise eyeliner. How many of these i've used up till now? One of the best way to apply eyeliner and i love the intense black color it has. Right now i have another eyeliner and after finishing using that one, i will probably turn back to maybelline master precise.

Loreal telescopic mascara was a dissappointment for me and i am very happy to finally managed to finish it! I really hated how much product it left on my lashes, personally i dont like that look.. I like the brush since its thin, it made it easier to apply to lower lashes but product itself wasnt suited to my liking.

My favorite shampoo by John frieda:  I really like how one bottle lasted me whole summer. Of course another repurchase will happen. :)

Vaseline İntensive care spray moisturizer.  If i have to pick my favorite product for summer, this will be it! It moustirises well, smells heavenly but more importantly it refresh your skin! I love spraying it if i feel so hot, it cools my temparature right away lol.  Planning to get cacao version of this for autumn / winter.

Thats all really. Have you tried any of these? What was your favorite product this summer? Let me know on your comments! Have a lovely day.