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New in !

Okay let me explain myself! I worked a lot last month so spending little more then usual must be allright.. Right?
 I don't have any excuse why i purchased two wallets other then i loved them *runs* 

 For the first time in my life, i' ve managed to buy something from a Zara sale! How lovely are these boots?!

We finally have Catrice in our country! So i got some lipsticks and longlasting browdefiner. Browdefiner is such a big dissapointment.. But currently loving lippies, especially lip smoother cake pop!
 I made swatches for you, and hopefully it will be helpful. 

Make up bags from Madame Coco. Carrying my everyday makeup on this little bag, and saving the big one for future upcoming *excited* holiday.

I thought before spending so much money on Dior eyelash serum i will give it a try to a much much cheaper version a go.
I will say only one thing about eye of hörus bronze amulet goddess pencil, its a magic, definete worth of money.

 Some re-purchases such as l'oreal studio secrets primer, toni&guy spray gel for curls and İsana nailpolish remover. You can read their quick reviews on my previous ' Empties' post.

 I fell in love with the colors of this beautiful scarf by Accessorize! It would be great piece for windy nights at holiday.

And lastly you can see some childish act has been done such as Sailor moon eyeliner and Luna keychain lol You gotta make your inner child happy! I must say sailor moon eyeliner is surprisingly very good. If it was easy to find, i would probably contunie using it for the rest of my life. Its not waterproof as it says on the packaging . If you want i can write a review about it? :)

That's everything i've got. Let me know if you have tried any of these before or if you wanna see more detailed post about one of them.
Let me know if you also did some shopping lately ;) So i might feel less guilty as well.
have a great friday!!



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