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Hello everyone !
Since my payment day is so close, i find myself looking at shopping websites, and wanting many things again. lol
I' ve eliminated many among them and have this very small ! list which i wanted to share with you.
You can click on to photos to see where they are from.
Fashion / Clothes
For winter i need a nice cosy coat, since my Zara one fall apart. -.- really not happy with the quality of my latest zara purchases..
A fur bag, of course not real fur since i am against it.. I think this recent fur trend looks so cosy and cute. And since i need a backpack for both uni. and work, it will be great :)
Recently i am really into with tops which shows your shoulders, so why not more.
I think everyone owns this kind of hat except me .. lol
Since i need a new trousers and i want smt. little bit different i really loved this one as soon as i saw it.

MANGO Jacquard Cotton Coat


Backpack (clipped to polyvore.com)
MANGO Wool Fedora Hat

T shirt

Biker trousers with coating TROUSERS WOMAN Stradivarius Turkey

Biker trousers with coating


I think yves rocher makes really amazing quality nail polishes, so definetly gonna get some to add my collection, especially this color looks perfect for winter! 
I think its my 100th time mentioning my love for airflash, its 1 product on my wishlist!
I've purchased magic cushion from missha and really loved it, so need to get an extra sponge for applying it.
Also with my purschase i had a chance to try out their cleansing cream and fell in love with it, and since my cleanser is about to finish why not right?
Ehmm more missha ! lol These sticks remind me nars sticks so can' t wait to try them for contour and highlight!
I am recently really obsessed with contouring so put my eyes on Kat von d contour kit as well! 

Gel Effect Lacquer,Make-up,Yves Rocher United Kingdom Browse Root:...

Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette






  That's all!! Do you have a wishlist for winter? Please share its with me , oh and also happy halloween!!