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Happy weekend!! 
It' s been awhile i' ve posted an instaweek post, so here i am.

1. For the first time in my life i had fortune cookies lol it was fun.
2. Having a quick, very early starbucks breakfast with my bestfriend.
3. From a blogger event.
4. Just enjoying my day with good music ( florence and machine ) and taking some notes for my wedding.
5. My favorite and most used perfume of october, La petite robe noire
6. Reading magazine with my first hot chocolate after summer.
7. Its selfie time with my new missha products.
8. Kinda obsessed with ysl lippies recently and my sailor moon eyeliner!
9. Trying out these gorgeous shades which send by Avon, thanx!
10. Another selfie with a new hairstyle.

You can check my instagram from here @thestylebat .  Also i post quite a lot to my snapchat : pumpkindonutt

Have a nice weekend!