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Updated Skincare Routine

       I am back after a long time! Meanwhile i got married and counting my days to moving to UK. Phew!! I will have much more to write and planning to start a youtube channel too.
       But lets get back to the subject, which is my updated skincare routine. Before my wedding i've get done some proper skincare in a clinic and also have listened their recommendations about these products. I am so happy with the results till now. I am using this routine almost 3 months now.

        Let's start with night time. First i am taking my makeup off with using my good old pal Shiseido cleansing oil. After that i apply skin renewal booster to all my face except eye area and waiting like 15 seconds for it to absorb fully. Then its time for oil control lotion. I apply this one to same areas too. And we are done. I wake up with a soft, fresh looking face.
       Both products doesn' t have a smell. And only a small amount is enough for one go.

       My morning routine is so short! But its effective and enough. I wash my face with daily microfoliant and that' s all. Daily microfoliant is definelty a life/ skin changing product! I highly recommend it!
Also i am using Caudalie instant detox mask once in a week. It instantly makes your skin baby soft. Caudalie detox mask has a cute pink colour, very watery texture and a nice smell.

      I highly recommend Dermalogica products. They are quite expensive but very effective and lasting so long because only a small amount is enough for a each time.
However i would say for shiseido cleansing oil and caudalie detox mask, you can easily find cheapier alternatives.
     Have you tried any of these? Got any recommendations for alternatives for a mask and cleansing oil?

                                                               have a cosy sunday!